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What is time
Updated at: November 08 2020, 14:43

Time is the compression of the Universe matter, space from the begining to the end, i.e. from nothing into 1D, 1D into 2D, 2D into 3D, 3D into 4D, 4D into 5D, 5D into 6D and 6D into begining of the 7D where time stops, and compresses into one pixel, into nothing, where only consciousness exist or does not exist.

In the eternity Almighty Lord was created unmeassured number of Universes, and no one exists, then dissapears, because to exist in No-Time, all must work without any wrong information, and in the way of total true. Nothing in the eternety existed, and only one can be with the total true, and that is Allah, Almighty Lord. In the Holy Qur'an Almighty Allah said: "All dissapears only face of Allah remains".

That's Humans, created beings, and lives forever, until nothing was interesting anymore. Like you play a video game 100 times, it is not interesting as first, second time, never mind you play it 1000 times, never mind you play it 1 million times. Now playing again the same game or not playing the game it is the same. When all what can be you play as this game, then nothing else will be interesting, and that is when all disappears, that is forever for humans.

Time can be stretched as space. For example you can stretch time by going into future 100 years. By traveling to, and living in that time, every second you spent in future, you will go back in time, and live where tommorrow is yesterday.

What is space-time?
For example let's took one circular photon ring, where between each photon is X, where photon is space while X(energy) is time.
So energy should be time also.
In 3D Universe photon rings, there is X between each 9 photons in the photon ring, in 4D there is X between each 3 photons and in the 5D there is X between each photon in the photon ring. In the 6D starts merging of the photons until all dissapears into 7D, and that merging is eternity for Humans, because never merges as anyone feel something, and all else from nothing to 5D is the Universe creation, and also creation of the Humans.
In 5D one day is like here in 3D, 1000 years (according to the Holy Qur'an [22.47]), that mean that entaglment of photons is time, i.e. merging of photons, information in the photons. For example there is people who belive in Aliens(in fact all "Aliens" are here, born at Earth). Only by thinking on the advanced tehnology, aliens spacecrafts, waiting, tracking for a UFO, people goes into the future, picturing UFO-s, and all that UFO-s looks real but with the lights obscured by the time where you can't see a details, because it was pictured in the future by the people who think about.

That could be a proof that time is: entaglment of photons, i.e merging of information in the photons.

By the will of the Allmighty Lord (Insha'Allah), will continue, later.

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