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Universe 2nd dimensional space-time
Updated at: September 29 2020, 22.00

Animatiom of how should look originaly 3D space, where 2D is in middle between two horizontal piramids, as described in; "Creation of the Universe"

As 2D compresses into 3D, one ring goes on the left piramid, while next one on the right piramid, because of the pressure, when one rimg is more on the left, higher pressure is on the left side, and next one goes right, logicly.
Because of the similiar size and photon information in the left-right photon rings, there is a strong magnetism between photon rings of the left(from 2D) piramid and right(from 2D) piramid.
That is what is Magnetism, but also could be from the left or right piramid alone, because at the begining of the Universe are the higest radius photon rings, after smaller and smaller. After half of the Universe was already compressed, couldn't compress anymore, one half couldn't push another half foward to 4D -> 5D, then first half going back then puls second half a little foward, and like that utill all compresses into 4D, 5D.
Now higer radius photon rings of the first half are now sized to the size of the smaller rings from the second half, and there could be magnetism also.

In the next picture is the example of how one 3D system looks. In this case Sun system(Earth, Venus, Mercury). Other 3D systems, are similliar.

At the begining of systems, right piramid(outside compression) Sun system as Andromeda system was untwisting its photon rings, (untwisted photon rings becomes larges, and stretches all arround) because of that Pluto system first twisted its photon rings, and pulled by the magetism of the Mars system inside right piramid, directly threw the middle of our system, where now is the Sun, which covered this hole, after our system started to twist its photon rings.

All above is just a help to explain what comes next.
Next image is exactly how 3D space-time looks and how 2D is almost everywhere, but originaly between Andromeda and Large(and Small) Maggelan cloud systems.
Entry point from 2D to 3D should be what they call "Supernova 1987a".

Magnetism of the Pluto-Mars, OurSun-Jupiter pulled systems in the left piramid inside right piramid. As right piramid compresses pressuring left piramid inside, pulling even more left piramid inside right piramid. When photon rings incoming(where LMC system is) inside couldn't compresses at the Jupiter system then compresses separatly as asteroid of the Kupier belt, then compresses by the Jupiter system. The same goes for the Mars system, where all goes to Asteroid belt, and because there is much more pressure, in a smaller space, 3 planets could not start its formation, then compresses into 4D as asteroids of the Asteroid belt, while Mars is the Sun as Jupiter which shines from inside, in the inverted compression of the systems in the left piramid.

As left piramid was pulled inside right side piramid of 3D space, it passing throw complete 2D, pulling 2D towards Jupiter and Mars system.
All 3D systems has its links to the 2D from where incoming new photon rings and holds all togather stretched 2D. For example LMC-Andromeda system holds its part, Jupiter Our Sun system its part and Marsd-Pluto system its part of 2D space-time.
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