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Universe photon rings creation
Updated at: September 29 2020, 13.17

Universe compresses from nothing into final creation, 5th Dimension.
1D consist of 162 galaxies and 54 systems
2D consist of 54+1(remaining 1D) galaxies and 18 systems
3D consist of 18+1(remaining 2D) galaxies or planets and 6 systems
4D consist of 6+1(remaining 3D) planets and 2 systems
5D consist of 2+1(reamining 4D) planets and 1 system
6D consists of one planet
7D end of time, nothing.

The same as Universe compresses, also photon rings compresses from nothing into final creation, 5th Dimension.
Notes matter is out of the 1 photon ring and all of its subrings, while universe compresses from 3 photon rings and its subrings, and is always in a state of a photons, photon rings and subrings.
Matter is in fact temproary, pressured accumulation of one photon rings and subrings, until 3 photon rings and subrings gradually compresses into the next dimension. So in each system we have 3 planets or galaxies(wider systems).

Dimensional comparation between systems(upper) and energized photon rings
5D Photon ring consists of X(energy) between each photon (one system)
4D Photon ring consists of X(energy) between each 3 photons (2 systems)
3D Photon ring consists of X(energy) between each 9 photons (6 systems)
2D Photon ring consists of X(energy) between each 27 photons (18 systems)
1D Photon ring consists of X(energy) between each 81 photons (54 systems)

On the folowing picture entagled photons, 3 photons left and 3 photon right compresses from 4D into 5D. This is image of the 4D photons.
Comparing it with the 3D systems, one side of photons is from the outer 3D system and other other side is from the inside of 3D system, concluded because of the inverted photon colors from the 3 photons on the left and 3 on the right side.

4D surrounding 3D, and there is also magnetizm between dimension. It is like a two-light zone.

All what we see in 1D, 2D, 3D is just a Universe creation compression of the photon rings into the 5th dimension, where creation of the Universe was finished, where photons are entagled to the maximum, and all information in the photons was finaly setup.
In 5D, as more energy(X) was stored between photons, more of the true information were saved in the Universe enternity. In case where less or no energy was stored, information of the true in the photons were partially or completly destroyed into untrue, because in the earlier entaglement of the photos there is no X(energy) between photons, and information were merged incorrectly. Matter out of these photons are hot, and that is a Hell in 5D.
The same Universe photon compression applies to Humans also.

So in 3D, 3 inside systems, 3 outside systems, 3 planets or galaxies, 3 photon rings, 3 photons in one, 3 photons entangled inside, 3 photons entagled outside, and much more, all structured in one true.
That is the prove, that this is the true, otherwise you can't connect all of that, togather.
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